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Clubs Matter: April 2019 Newsletter​
In this month’s issue, we want to get your board on board with the 501(c)(3) tax code status, update you on the 2019 Governing Council meeting books, invite you to the Excel National Festival in Florida, and update you on mandatory reporters.
Getting Your Board on Board –501(c)(3) Code Status
The 501(c)(3) code was constructed by the IRS as a start-up incentive for the community organizations that the government doesn’t have the resources to control. 501(c)(3)s are exempt from paying taxes for any donations or funds they receive, which allows them to focus their efforts on serving the community instead of accounting for and paying taxes.
If your club is eligible or considering to register as a 501(c)(3), you will need to write articles of incorporation, including details of the organization’s name, contact information, and founders. The application then goes to the Secretary of State’s office where application fees are paid and it gets filed. From there, club bylaws are written, and a board of directors is elected to take care of the remaining paperwork with the state and federal offices.
If your club has already obtained 501(c)(3) status, there are six main requirements in order to maintain the tax-exempt status:
  1. Private benefit: your club must not run on the intent to make a profit for an individual person or entity.
  2. Legislation: lobbying may not exceed a certain portion of your club’s total expenses.
  3. Political campaign activity: your club cannot support or oppose any political candidates at any level.
  4. Unrelated business income: your club cannot generate income that is unrelated to your mission.
  5. Annual reporting: be sure to submit other tax paperwork such as the Form 990 as well as taxes on unrelated income and employment tax.
  6. Operate with nonprofit purposes: if your club makes a big shift from being unprofitable to profitable, be sure to check if you need to re-file as a for-profit organization.
You can find more info on becoming and maintaining a 501(c)(3) status here. Note: your club does not have to apply for 501(c)(3) depending on your club’s unique situation.
Helpful Resources –Governing Council​
Governing Council is right around the corner on May 1-4 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. For more information, visit the 2019 Governing Council website here. The Sectional Vice Presidents are hosting conference calls to get you up to speed on this year’s actions. Below are the dates of the calls:
Pacific Coast Call: Tuesday, April 16, hosted by Sharon Watson

Midwest Call: Wednesday, April 17, hosted by Lainie DeMore

Eastern Call: Monday, April 22, hosted by Heather Nemier

Also, be sure to send in your proxies if you are unable to join us this year.
Engagement – Excel National Festival​
Join us for a national celebration of skating! Registration is now open for the Excel National Festival, held June 7-9, 2019, in Coral Springs, Florida. All Learn to Skate USA skaters, from Snowplow Sam through Free Skate 6, are eligible to compete at this inaugural event. The National Festival will bring together Learn to Skate USA and U.S. Figure Skating Excel Series skaters for three days of competition and camaraderie. Click here for more information on the Compete USA portion, and read more about the Excel Series here.
SafeSport Program– Mandatory Reporters
As a member of U.S. Figure Skating, it’s important to know what your obligations are for reporting suspected SafeSport violations. In the year 2000, U.S. Figure Skating implemented a policy that makes all members mandatory reporters. To fulfill this obligation, members must report suspected violations involving child abuse and/or sexual misconduct to the U.S. Center for SafeSport and local law enforcement.

We encourage all individuals, regardless of membership status with U.S. Figure Skating, to report any suspected SafeSport violations and reports of misconduct that are non-sexual in nature directly to U.S. Figure Skating.

To learn more about the response and resolution process, visit your Members Only profile and watch our new webinar: “SafeSport: Understanding the SafeSport Complaint and Resolution Process.”
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