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Clubs Matter: September 2018 Newsletter​
With the registration deadline behind us, the U.S. qualifying season is now in full swing as the regionals begin in less than a month! In this month’s issue, we want to get your board on board with more efficient meetings using Robert’s Rules of Order, update you on National Skating Month, inform you of the launch of the Excel program, and provide an update on SafeSport.
Getting Your Board on Board - Robert's Rules of Order
Robert’s Rules of Order is a helpful tool for your board to conduct meetings by using a parliamentary procedure to ensure everyone’s voice is heard and the meeting runs efficiently. In order for a board member to present a new idea, they must present a motion. 

There are several types of motions including:
  1. Main motion: new ideas for consideration
  2. Subsidiary motion: changing or affecting a main motion before it is voted on
  3. Privileged motion: urgent matter not related to pending business
  4. Incidental motion: questioning protocol of other motions and must be considered before the other motion
After a board member asks for the permission of the chairperson to present a motion, the motion is presented by the board member, and then must be seconded by another board member. It is then restated by the chairperson and debated by the rest of the board.  From there, it is voted on by the board and if it passes, it is adapted. 

Here is more information.
Helpful Resources - 2019 National Skating Month
This January, we invite you to discover your inner superhero and “skate to superpowers” with 2019 National Skating Month! National Skating Month is an opportunity for rinks, clubs and programs to celebrate skating and invite new families to the ice by offering free lessons, skating demonstrations and open house events.

The size, scope and frequency of National Skating Month events are at the discretion of the host organization. We recommend reserving at least one kit per event. Each $40 kit contains an official National Skating Month poster, themed marketing materials, numerous giveaway items and a turnkey activity to enhance your event. Kits are available for purchase starting on Sept. 6, 2018, and are available while supplies last.

Click here to reserve your 2019 National Skating Month kit
Engagement - Excel Program
The Program Development Committee is excited to announce the launch of the Excel Program, a new competitive opportunity created to encourage skaters to develop their technical ability in a competitive environment that promotes success. The new Excel Program launched on Sept. 1, 2018; an outline of the levels and requirements for the program can be found on the Excel Program webpage. Excel may be offered at any nonqualifying competition. Additionally, the Excel Series and National Festival will launch January 2019, and allow skaters the opportunity to compete in designated competitions to qualify for a national final.
SafeSport Program - Prevention of Bullying
The U.S. Center for SafeSport continues to provide educational material to help make athlete well-being the centerpiece of your Club.  Access the Center’s Handbook on the prevention of bullying here and click on the “Preventing Bullying: What Great Coaches Need to Know” link to download the handbook. 
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