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Clubs Matter: August 2018 Newsletter​
The season is ramping up as registration is now opening up for the U.S. Figure Skating qualifying season and the summer months are coming to a close. In this month’s issue, we are updating you on membership numbers for last season, providing information on the test refresh program, educating your members about scholarships, sharing ideas for the bridge program, and introducing you to the SafeSport training course for parents.
Getting Your Board on Board
U.S. Figure Skating is proud to announce the 2017-18 season was its second-highest membership total in the organization’s history, as well as the top Learn to Skate USA membership in the program’s history. U.S. Figure Skating had 192,110 members last season, a 4.2 percent increase over the previous year. Total membership includes 133,959 Learn to Skate USA members, 57,778 full members and 373 Friends of Figure Skating. The overall number is the second-highest in U.S. Figure Skating history, trailing only the 2005–06 membership year (196,338). Read more here!

Help U.S. Figure Skating continue to grow this season by utilizing all of the membership categories we offer. Don’t forget that the introductory membership is available to any first-time U.S. Figure Skating member, including skaters transitioning from Learn to Skate USA. Additionally, collegiate memberships are available to any full-time college students and are good for four seasons. Lastly, for family members residing in the same household, discounted memberships are available. Email memberservices@usfigureskating.org if you have questions regarding any of the membership categories.
Helpful Resources - Test Refresh and Scholarships
Test Refresh “Part 2” goes into effect September 2, 2018

Last November, the first part of the test refresh project, passed by the 2017 Governing Council, went into effect, allowing athletes to receive test credit for achieving minimum scores in IJS competitions at the juvenile level and higher.

The second part of the test refresh affects the way tests are scored in stand-alone test sessions. Currently, all tests are judged on the 6.0 scale with skaters earning either a “retry” or “pass.” The new system replaces the 6.0 system with skaters being judges on a scaled of -3 to +3. The mid-point of “0” is the passing mark for all tests.

In addition, skaters will have the opportunity to be rewarded for performing at a higher level. Skaters that earn marks significantly above 0 will pass “with honors” or “with distinction.” The new designation will be printed on the skater’s test certificate.

Click here for additional information on the test refresh changes.


With the school year upon us, many skaters are likely working on applications for scholarships. Be sure to send your members this link, which includes application instructions for several scholarships. All questions should be directed to financialaid@usfigureskating.org.
Engagement - Bridge Program
Share Your Creative Bridge Program with Us

This year, we are collecting examples of successful bridge programs across the country. If your club has one, don’t be shy! Please send any materials or a summary of your program with memberservices@usfigureskating.org. Don’t forget to include all of the necessary details (for example, who is invited, when do you offer it, what is the content, how do you market it, and how much does it cost).

The bridge program is designed to teach skating skills at a faster pace in a group lesson environment and to introduce the benefits of club membership. Offering an affordable bridge program is the best way to entice new skaters to participate.
SafeSport Program - Parent Course
Education for parents

The U.S. Center for SafeSport recently created a new training course directed towards parents of young athletes. The parent course provides information about what sexual abuse is and age-specific tips and tools for how parents can talk with their young athletes about abuse. This parent course is something that every parent should take. Please pass this information along to all of the parents in your club. The course can be accessed at www.athletesafety.org. Click on “Sign In” to register for an account. Once an account is registered, click on training, then add the course to your bag and checkout.
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