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SafeSport Information Update – Verifying Members​
Dear Club Officers and SafeSport Compliance Chairs,

U.S. Figure Skating is committed to providing a safe, healthy and positive skating environment for all members and volunteers.
As you are likely aware, beginning July 1, 2018, all coaches, officials and necessary volunteers must have completed the SafeSport online training program and successfully passed a background check in order to participate in any U.S. Figure Skating activity. For the purpose of SafeSport, necessary volunteers are those individuals who are in a position of authority over minor athletes in their role or who are in frequent contact with athletes, unless that contact occurs in a public area that is readily observable and interruptible by the general public.  
By completing these requirements, an individual is considered “Compliant.”  Click here to review the SafeSport requirements.
Over the past month, U.S. Figure Skating has been reaching out to officials and coaches to assist them in completing their compliance requirements.   Member clubs play a key role in ensuring that the required individuals have met their compliance requirements prior to serving at U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned event or club program.

Clubs hosting competitions, test sessions, ice shows or other programs are responsible for verifying that all officials, coaches and necessary volunteers that participate have met the appropriate compliance requirements.

The following tools are now available on Members Only to assist you:

Master SafeSport Compliance Report:  This searchable .pdf file contains the compliance status for all coaches, LTS instructors, officials, test partners and any other individual that has started compliance requirements for any reason.  It appears as a link, “Download Full Compliance Report,” and is found:
  • By any member, by clicking on the SafeSport Icon
  • By club officers, by using the Club Management, then the Club Compliance tab
  • By test chairs, by using the Testing tab
Verifying Officials:  The Online Directory contains the compliance status of all officials and can be searched and filtered.  Contact information is only provided for officials that have met compliance requirements.  This tool is available to all members.

Verifying Club Members:  Club officers can use the “Club Management” tab to access “Club Compliance”.  All members of your club will appear with their category and compliance status.  Click on any member to view their compliance progress.

Verifying Synchronized & Theatre on Ice Team Managers and Team Service Personnel: Those associated with teams can use the “Teams” tab to access “Team Compliance,” to see the status of those associated with their team.

Click here for a summary.

Finally, If you have any club members that are having difficulty completing these requirements, please let them know there is an on-demand webinar on Members Only, and a FAQ document here.  We would also like to suggest crediting volunteer hours to technology-savvy  members willing to assist other members, especially officials, in completing these online requirements.

Thank you again for your support of U.S. Figure Skating. As with any new process there are a few bumps and lessons learned along the way. We appreciate all of the time and effort our volunteers have given to making our environment a safe, positive and healthy for all our members.
If you have questions, please email SafeSport@usfigureskating.org, or contact Member Services at memberservices@usfigureskating.org or call 719.635.5200.

Anne Cammett
U.S. Figure Skating President
Kris Arneson Cutler  
U.S. Figure Skating SafeSport Chair
John Anderson
U.S. Figure Skating Staff Counsel 
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